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Wire and Rope

Having already drawn national attention for her introspective songcraft and distinctive vocal power, Hayley Coupon is poised to reveal the true scope of her talent with her highly anticipated debut album, WIRE AND ROPE. Set against a spare yet surprisingly lush backdrop provided by GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Craig Street (Norah Jones, Cassandra Wilson) and a cast of studio all-stars, songs like the finely etched “All You Gave” and the first single “Curse Me” bend diverse musical genres into new forms to suit the astonishing gravitational force of Coupon’s widescreen vocals and equally potent lyrical voice. 

Released in March 2018 and available to stream or buy wherever you listen to music; in fact, you can click the cover art to be directed to Spotify automatically. CDs and vinyl are also available for purchase.

Do the Right Thing, Like You Said You Would

"New York-based jill-of all-trades Hayley Coupon has been stirring the musical tides for a minute now with a blend of edgy pop and folk that’s as distinctive as it is infectious. Today we have the pleasure of premiering her latest EP Do The Right Thing Like You Said You Would, which plays host to a dynamic set of influences and approaches. The four-track piece opens with a revealing, piano-led acoustic ballad in “California,” which captures California-dreamin’ vibe of the project perfectly. Next comes the jazz/latin boogaloo of “It’s Not” challenging any assumption as to where her roots lay with a hard-nosed groove that’s simultaneously stern and warm. “All Or Nothing” is in a similar vein as the album’s opener; earnest acoustic balladry of the highest order. “Bastille Day” serves as a fitting cap on the piece, as it boasts what is perhaps her most dynamic showing, revealing pop/rock blues, seeped in melodic severity and chilled to perfection. The whole piece stands as strong as Coupon’s sprawling, smokey vox, akin to a Fiona Apple or even a brighter take on Lana Del Rey‘s dark-pop sensibilities. Whatever you call it, Hayley Coupon is a presence we’re hoping and expecting to hear plenty more from in the months and years to come."

Released 2015. Click album art to stream.


"'The whole EP is sort of tinted with nostalgia,” New York City artist Hayley Coupon explains of her aptly-titled Remembrance. That’s a bit of an understatement — there is some mournful, looking-back overload going on in the song “Let Me Be” in particular, which we’re premiering here today. It’s “a wistful sadness and, I think, a hopefulness as well,” Coupon, whose cover of Tame Impala we featured a couple weeks back, told us. “I’ve been accused of being too sentimental, but I’m also a firm believer in the adage ‘You can’t step in the same river twice.'”

“Let Me Be” which falls somewhere on the sincerity-spectrum between Regina Spektor and Joni Mitchell, was one of Coupon’s first songs ever, she went on. “I started writing music last spring, fueled by a challenge I presented to myself and, of course, a break up. ‘Let Me Be’ was the third song I ever wrote, and it’s probably the most devastatingly revealing about what had been bottled in me for a couple years prior to writing. The chorus is a slight homage to Mitchell, who, upon playing the album Blue for the first time to a room full of people, was told ‘Jesus, Joni, save something for yourself.'”

Good advice in daily life, and on Twitter, sure, but in the case of songwriting, and particularly with someone with as lovely a voice as Coupon, we’d recommend the exact opposite."

Released 2013. Click album art to stream.